Best Practice IT Services and Support for the New Zealand Health Sector

Platform Plus is a proven leading provider of managed IT services and support for health care organisations around New Zealand.

If it’s your job to keep your health care practice operating smoothly, you know the importance of reliable and secure technology. You will also know that managing the many IT services needed to efficiently manage your staff and patients can take a lot of time.

Platform Plus specialises in taking care of all the IT needs of busy health care providers and practices. We will keep your IT vital signs stable and robust – without you having to do all the monitoring. 

Comprehensive Managed IT Solutions

Our managed IT solutions offer everything you need to stay well connected and keep your data secure, and will be tailored to suit your unique operational needs. 

Patient Management Systems Technology Enabler

PlatformPlus provides technology to support leading Patient Management Systems, Office 365 and many other applications found within the health sector in New Zealand

We host Indici, MedTech and MyPractice within our cloud services along with secure internet, networking, IT hardware & support, telephony, printing and security solutions

ISO Accredited

PlatformPlus is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified. Achieving these exacting international certifications validate our delivery of consistent, industry best practice IT services and data security. 

Trusted Partners

Do you want reliable and comprehensive Managed IT Solutions for your health organisation? Contact us for a conversation about your IT needs. Call us on 0800 497 332 or email